Terms and Conditions

Every company out there has its own set of terms and conditions which bind customers and the business in what is known as contractual relationship (agreement between parties). We also have a set of terms and conditions regulating the relationship we have with our customers. We understand that going through the small print is a real pain in the neck but we strongly urge you to take the time and effort to read carefully through the terms and conditions listed here before committing to use our services. Understanding the terms and conditions of use will save everyone a ton of unnecessary hassles, confusion and frustration later on. The conditions and terms on this page state and explain the rights and responsibilities people have as customers, as well as the rights and responsibilities we have as service provider towards our customers. If after reading through these terms you are still unclear about a certain condition or aspect of using our service, by all means let us know and we will be happy to clarify and explain in detail. We believe the set of terms and conditions listed here to be adequate, reasonable and fair given the nature and specifics of our work.