Fair pricing is crucial to the success of a given cleaning service.

If a service, no matter how good, is priced out of reach of its intended customers then there is simply no point behind the whole exercise. Being a professional cleaning company we are well aware of what people expect and require of a genuine quality service in terms of price and value for money. We believe our service pricing is fair and competitive, easily affordable by all households and establishments. We know that using professional cleaning costs a certain amount of money, but with us that isn’t silly money.

On the contrary, our service range is comfortably priced and won’t put a strain on your budget. Our cleaning prices are constantly reviewed and adjusted to reflect changes in the market and industry itself. We keep our finger on the pulse of things and we never miss a beat – people can rest assured we are charging fairly for our time and effort, and always come through with the goods to back up what we ask for. Ask our customer advisors for details on how to combine and modify available service to get optimal value for money and the best possible price.