About Us

Carpet Cleaning Brixton was founded a few years back by a bunch of dedicated cleaning industry professionals who decided they were going to provide people with better services at better prices. We had a clear idea of what we wanted to achieve and how were we to get there. As with most things though, this was easier said than done but we put our heads together and actually came up with the best way to make it all happen. We knew that being good at something meant we needed the right people for the job so we took the time and effort to find, shortlist and select the most skilled and experienced cleaning technicians we could find, then we put them through rigorous in-house training to hone their skills and make them even better at what they do. Looking back, it seems we have done a marvellous job as our cleaners are now the preferred choice for many homes and businesses in Brixton.

Next on the to-do list was how to make our services better and more affordable as quality and value for money are a make or break aspect for any professional cleaning company. We decided that high work ethics, sufficient training and use of industry certified cleaning systems were fundamental in what we wanted to achieve. Combining these three factors resulted in some of the most reliable, efficient and affordable cleaning solutions available anywhere. All along we have worked hard to innovate and improve our cleaning because in our opinion pushing forward is the only way, standing still would have gotten us nowhere fast in such fast paced, demanding industry like professional property cleaning. In time, seeing we were in fact doing things right, we decided it was time to expand our service range with more technical services.

Since we now had the invaluable know-how gathered along the way, we knew how to make it work so expanding our selection of services was relatively easy. It didn’t happen overnight but we got there eventually – our hard work, dedication and punctuality had been noticed by people who became our customers precisely because of our professionalism and reliability. We consider customers to be our most valuable asset, so our business philosophy and methods focus on customer satisfaction and how to meet, even exceed client expectations. We intend to keep up the good work, and will continue to provide people with better cleaning at a better price, just as we wanted to from day one.